Embraced by River and Spring of the Beauty


Territory of the recreation complex “ Ūdensdzirnas” is graced by Podvāze river, the ear pleasing murmur of which enriches multitude of the natural sounds and brings peace and good mood. We are glad that spring of the Sun is also flowing in the territory of “Ūdensdzirnas”, in the Podvāze River.
Taste of its water is highly appreciated by both the local residents and the travellers from places further away who stop by “Ūdensdzirnas”, to gather delicious spring water that is rich in valuable minerals. Womenfolk, in their turn, never miss opportunity to wash face in the spring, because, according to an ancient legend, this spring has miraculous powers to enhance beauty and health.
Spring of the Sun never freezes even during the fiercest winter frosts. We have taken care to make the access to the spring comfortable and pleasant. The place of water gathering has been deepened, stairs have been built and footpaths have been created.