Story of Ella and Artūrs

Everything is uplifting in “Ūdensdzirnas” – people, buildings and environment

Ūdensdzirnas” was the only recreation complex in this region able to provide accommodation for all our guests. We have never regretted our choice. But now, returning to “Ūdensdzirnas” a year after our wedding, this time as wedding attendants of new couple, is very moving and emotional,” reveal Ella and Artūrs who have celebrated their wedding day at “Ūdensdzirnas” in 2014.
Ella un Artūrs live in Riga now, however they both met in Jēkabpils during Motor festival. “The festivities also featured street gymnasts. Artūrs was one of the gymnasts from Viesīte, whereas I was in the support group of Livani sportsmen. We noticed and fancied each other, and for the next few years maintained friendship from the distance, visiting each other, until our lives brought us both to Riga. In 2014, on the day of St. Valentine I received very beautiful proposal and we had our wedding already in summer of the same year, in the best of the guest houses,” tells Ella.

The couple had excellent wedding with lots of well-wishers, thus capacity of the perfect place for celebration was a very significant factor. “Ūdensdzirnas” was the first guest house, which, having heard about the large number of guests, gladly welcomed us and did everything to ensure not only excellent party but also to provide good rest and quiet night after that. I want to thank especially Skaidrīte from “Ūdensdzirnas” who was always ready to help and worked incessantly so that everything during our big celebration would happen exactly as we wished and even better,” tells Ella smiling.
A year after their great day Ella and Artūrs are returning to “Ūdensdzirnas” as wedding attendants of their friends. Ella reveals – as soon as it was known the friends are going to get married, nobody had even the slightest doubts where to celebrate it. “I did not need to recommend “Ūdensdzirnas” my friend. She was at my wedding and saw everything with her own eyes and was sure about “Ūdensdzirnas” being exactly the place where she also wanted to dance her first waltz,” says Ella. As to her returning to the place of the wedding this turned out to be especially touching moment: „It brought up memories about so many wonderful moments from our wedding. This place, well cared for surroundings, comfortable rooms, sympathetic people, peace and special aura creates very pleasant emotions. This place is saturated with positive emotions and it is so pleasant to return here. Besides it looks like another wedding between our friends is close, thus I am sure that we will return to “Ūdensdzirnas” also in 2016.”