Story of Inga and Zigmunts

Beautiful memories must be allowed to return

We had excellent wedding, in great place! Our returning here brings on very beautiful memories and it is absolutely fantastic that we are now three,” says Inga, cradling little Aleksandrs and relishing care and support of husband Zigmunts in every step. Couple admits – if gathering of the “Ūdensdzirnas” couples is to be held – they will be the first to arrive there.

Inga and Zigmunts are from Jekabpils that is near “Ūdensdzirnas” and town of Pļavinas, however they get acquainted while working at the International Airport “Riga”. Zigmunts admits – idea to establish relationship with work colleague was embarrassing, however he had become so fascinated by Inga, that he mustered his courage and invited beautiful colleague to the first date. It was 2013, year of the first romantic meeting, first kisses and feeling of certainty – they have found each other. Shortly before the arrival of the new 2014 year Zigmunts proposed to Inga and received as answer quiet but confident – Yes! So the new 2014 year came for the couple with intense preparation for the wedding and it was soon clear that “Ūdensdzirnas” will be the real and the best place of celebrations for them. In August 2014, having experienced outstanding sunny moments and sudden rainstorm immediately followed by bright arches of rainbows, Zigmunts and Inga arrived at “Ūdensdzirnas” as new husband and wife. Now, a year after the beautiful wedding ball they are returning to the guest house, to revive memories of the brightest episodes of their love story. Now they are three – Inga holds in her hands fruit of their mutual love – just a month old son with a strong name Aleksandrs.