Viesu nams un atpūtas komplekss Ūdensdzirnas

Place where the ancient and modern becomes friends

In the place where three regions, Zemgale, Vidzeme un Latgale meet stands recreation complex “Ūdensdzirnas” which have been serving guests for more than ten years. This is a place where the ancient has befriended modern, and history – our everyday life.
Here, in the Birzi rural territory, on the bank of the river Podvaze a manor house was standing for several hundred years.

Little evidence about it remains, however we have taken care to preserve spirit of the age-old times in our buildings – we have uncovered and displayed the ancient boulders as well as valuable beams and supports, which, together with the new and the modern, create unique fusion of the of the old and the new.
This creates unique atmosphere, feeling of authenticity and profoundness. This is why “Ūdensdzirnas” is excellent choice for travellers looking for accommodation and for those seeking special surroundings for their celebrations, seminars and conferences.
And you can be sure that we all at “Ūdensdzirnas” will always be accessible to adjust the range of offered services exactly to your special needs! After all the source of our joy is your happiness!